Your Local Locksmiths – There For You Even When The Game Is On 

Cor blimey! It’s that time already? Not another game. But hooray for that then. Off to the footie then. At the time of writing, the toon army is back up where they belong, back in the premier league. But they never left town, did they.

Newcastle supporters are known to be among the most raucous and noisiest bunches across the island. Win or lose a game, they’ll always be kicking up quite a fuss, won’t they. To escape the traffic, the perfect excuse as always, they’ll be heading off to their favorite pub for a glass or two of their favorite famous brown ale.

Time flies when you’re having a lark, and after one too many much later, you make  your way home through the streets, remembering again that the car had to stay home due to the town’s laws. But blimey, what now. It seems as though you’ve forgotten your ruddy keys inside. So how to get inside then? This is what you can do; it’s your best punt for now. You can turn the ignition towards the premier league of locksmiths.

You have your mobile with you, thank goodness for that – funny thing that though, nobody seems to forget that one; it’s as precious as jewels. So now you can give DJR locksmiths a call – you can also contact them here so that you can get the help you need. It doesn’t matter how late at night it is, they’re on call (not on tap, where’s your mind, mate) twenty four seven. The game’s on Sunday? No problem; they’re on call that day too. They’re as quick as a lightning strike from your favorite team’s top striker.

The moment you’re stuck outside, don’t delay. Call the blokes as soon as possible and they’ll send a van over asap. They’ve got the lay of the land covered because they’ve been in Newcastle upon Tyne for the last twenty years or so. They’re family blokes just like you, so need to be embarrassed. It’ll be a tough call, mind you, if you’ve left both your ruddy keys and your precious phone in the bloody car. Well, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

There’s another game on the telly, so you wouldn’t want to miss that. Don’t go in to the nearest pub; just ask a nice bloke or dame if you can use his or her mobile so long. You could be in a free Wi-Fi zone anyway, so you can quickly chip into your nearest newcastle locksmith. H’mm, maybe there’s even an internet café close by; they seem to be all over the place these days. Once at your car or front door, your locksmith won’t be scooting until he’s got your problem solved good and proper.   

contact them here

So, you’re not in that awkward spot right now.

So, make a note somewhere, taking down the locksmith’s details and keep it in a safe place you’re not likely to forget or lose. Like down at the pub maybe.